Vacuum transport

IVS offers vacuum packaging solutions to be used for the internal transport of residual and end products. We closely work together with our customers to select the pump technique that fits the application best. This is because vacuum transport depends on a multitude of different facets. Examples of these are the volume flow and the permissible product speed.

We often see companies use pneumatic transport, that leads to valuable air being used as a product carrier. We do not make use of this method, because there are more benefits to using vacuum transport. Vacuum transport is more efficient and can lead to significant cost savings, due to a reduction of energy used and maintaining costs. With vacuum transport, we are not only able to transport residual products, but also end products that are still to be consumed.

We use high-quality stainless steel and FDA-approved materials. We also use a distinctive separator technology, as we design our separators in a product-specific manner. Because of this, an emergency-cyclone is often unnecessary. If needed, we can provide our installations with CIP (automatic cleaning with a water and soap solution).