In addition to engineering, testing and installing vacuum systems, we also provide service and maintenance to vacuum systems and vacuum pumps. We provide this service from our location in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With our technical knowledge and experience, we unburden your organization when your systems need maintenance.


From our warehouse in Utrecht, where we keep all common parts and pumps in stock, we can deliver quickly when necessary. From here we also take all necessary parts with us in case of maintenance or malfunctions. If we cannot solve a problem with a vacuum pump on site, we have a large stock of different types of loaner vacuum pumps so that you can continue production quickly.

Preventive maintenance on your vacuum system

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of early wear. In addition, it prevents production loss and equipment downtime. We also have a 24/7 emergency service where you can reach us at any time. When a maintenance date is scheduled, we ensure that our service technicians are well-prepared regardless of the brand or type of pump your system has.

On the maintenance day, we will perform a condition dependent maintenance (TAO). During this progress we make sure we only replace parts that fall outside the factory specification. If the service life of pumps or parts is not in line with the applications, we will report this and, if desired, investigate further in order to draw up an improvement proposal.

After maintenance, the workplace will be delivered clean and we will make sure we place a sticker on the pump with the date of maintenance. You will also receive a service rapport. Finally, you will be informed about a possible follow-up appointment.

Overhaul of your vacuum pumps

IVS offers different types of services to various industries. Depending on the customer’s needs and wishes, we can carry out work and advise in, among other things, stainless-steel piping, construction work, control technology and analyzing problems.

We are also specialized in carrying out overhauls on oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, vacuum claw pumps, vacuum blowers and roots pumps, regardless of the manufacturer. With our 24/7 emergency service, we are at your disposal at all times. During the overhaul you can use one of out bridging machines so that your production can continue during the overhaul.

After the overhaul of your vacuum pump, it will be tested to the original factory specification.

Malfunctions of your vacuum system

We are also happy to help you if your system indicates a malfunction. Our specialists help your organization find a suitable solution so that your vacuum system is quickly up and running again. This means you do not lose any production time. When the need is high, we can quickly supply loan machines to provide your production or expansion with the necessary systems.

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If you already are a customer of ours, we will contact you well in advance of maintenance to make an appointment for maintenance of your system.

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