Vion Food Group Altenburg Germany, packaging meat

During the various packaging processes at Vion Food Group, there is a need for vacuum for the various packaging lines in the new building. To extend the shelf life of the products, they are first vacuumed in the packaging line and then packaged under a protective atmosphere. Skin packaging can also be made for when there is a different vacuum requirement.


Vion has asked IVS to engineer a vacuum system that meets all the requirements. The system must be redundant, provide machines with different vacuum pressures (gas packaging/skin packaging), be easy to operate and must be durable. Due to fire safety, leak-tightness, cleanability and, among other things, mechanical load-bearing capacity, the system must be made of stainless steel tube.


IVS has designed a pump skid with several small efficient vacuum pumps that switch on and off automatically depending on the required capacity. Two vacuum systems are supplied with vacuum from the pump skid, whereby the reserve capacity can be switched digitally (in combination with automatic switching valves) between the two systems so that production can continue as usual in the event of temporary extra capacity or maintenance and/or malfunctions.
Thanks to the VPN-secured internet connection, 24/7 direct remote assistance is possible, so that immediate action can be taken in case of calamities.
By using stainless steel piping to the packaging lines, which are equipped with stainless steel valves and supports, the system meets all the requirements set by the customer.

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