Vacuumtransport system poultry processor

Various products are released during the processing of poultry. Some of these products have yet to be consumed and can be very fragile. Some examples are the hearts and livers. These products are often transported through a pipe system in which water is the product carrier. The water consumption of these systems is high and undesirable, in addition, the water is pumped with precious compressed air that makes the pump (cylinders) move.


IVS has been asked whether it is possible to use vacuum transport to transport the following products: hearts, livers, stomachs and necks. It is important that the products are not damaged during transport. Since the product must be consumable, this must be done in an extremely hygienic manner, whereby the materials used are FDA approved.


After an extensive test with the test installation at IVS, it has been established that the vacuum transport of the requested products is very well possible, provided the correct parameters and techniques are applied. By applying high-quality materials, techniques and certified plastics, the system is food-safe and therefore suitable for transporting products to be consumed.
By fine-tuning the system after placing the system at the customer, the vulnerable livers end up undamaged from the system on the cooling belt. This gives the customer significant savings on product efficiency, energy consumption, water consumption and maintenance costs. During operation, the system only consumes 3 kW (= approx. € 0.27 / hour) of electricity.