Vacuumtransport systeem Adri & Zn

During the processing of fish, various product and waste flows are released that must be transported from the production line to another point in the company. These product flows are collected in the production line in plastic containers and transported manually to a central collection point. This operation is labor-intensive, takes up a lot of space and does not contribute to a clean and efficient working environment.


Adri & Zn asked IVS to come up with a solution in which both waste flows and end products to be consumed can be transported in an efficient automated way. It is important that this is done hygienically and that the system meets the highest requirements with regard to food safety and is also energetically responsible.
A salmon bone to be consumed must also be transported and can’t be damaged or broken during transport.


IVS has designed a vacuum transport system that meets the highest requirements and is made of high-quality stainless steel components and FDA certified materials. The system can be fully adjusted to meet the set requirements.
After an extensive test in our workshop in Oldebroek, where IVS has a test system, we were able to test and adjust the various products, which gave the customer confidence in the solution offered.
By installing the system, a lot has been saved in terms of labor, space between the production lines, the number of movements in the company and neatness around the lines.

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