In addition to our solutions for various applications in sectors such as meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, we also build systems for other applications. The IVS team consists of real technicians who enjoy coming up with a solution for a challenging issue. Also for the design of customer-specific systems. In addition to vacuum transport, central vacuum systems and vacuum cooling, we can also deaerate vacuum, vacuum big bags & fumigate and design systems for special construction.

Our solutions

With the expertise of our team, we can offer various vacuum solutions for a variety of challenging applications. We invent, design and build the systems ourselves. The engineering is therefore done entirely in-house and we do it in 3D. Innovation is paramount in this regard. Because we build our own systems, we are independent in our selection of pumps and components for a suitable system in every sector.

Venting the vacuum

In various sectors we regularly see that different products are mixed during production processes, also known as mixing processes. You can think of additives such as color and it often concerns bulk products. Techniques such as stirring or shaking are often used in these processes, which makes it difficult to prevent air entrapment. However, these air bubbles can have negative effects on the mixed products. For example, the quality can go down. Depending on the product and the required quality, we can guarantee high quality by using vacuum and remove any air deposits in the product. This allows you to achieve a homogeneous product.

Fumigation system big bag

To extend the product shelf life, we often see an issue surrounding the gassing and vacuuming of big bags. IVS therefore offers an innovative solution for this.

IVS builds systems that can close a filled big bag by sealing it. This makes the big bag airtight. We can then vacuum up the big bag by connecting an adapter to the big bag, after which the big bag is filled with gas. With our system we achieve low residual oxygen percentages, which significantly increases the shelf life of the packaged product. We build systems for one or more positions so that several big bags can be vacuumed and gassed simultaneously by the same system. Because the systems are engineered to customer specifications, we can keep the technology and pumps outside the high-risk production department.

The right gassing system depends on a number of things. You can think of the space required, the desired percentage of residual oxygen and the available system capacity. IVS is happy to help you with the right choices.

Special construction

Special construction is a customer-specific question that we can fulfill. For example, we can supply a custom-made system where a constant vacuum pressure is required, while the vacuum requirement varies greatly.

Drying, cooling or humidifying products is possible. In principle, we can think along in everything in order to arrive at a suitable solution together with the customer’s product knowledge.

working method & services

We have distinctive solutions for various sectors and applications. We use innovative vacuum techniques in the fields of transport, cooling, deaeration and gassing. Do you have a vacuum issue? Then we would like to get in touch with you for the possibilities. Our team is looking forward to it!