How we work

IVS generally works on the basis of four steps. First of all, your issue or challenge will be discussed. Our team is very involved in every project and therefore wants to understand what your wishes are. As a specialist, we immerse ourselves in vacuum technology every day and we are happy to share this knowledge with you.

We then devise and design a custom-made system that fits the application and your wishes. We test this together with you so that you know how it works and what it will bring to your company. We also install the system at your location and we offer maintenance and a 24/7 emergency service. All in all, we can unburden you throughout the entire process.

Step 1. Your issue or challenge

The preliminary phase is very important to IVS. In this we discuss your issue or the challenge you experience within your company. Personal contact is therefore very important to us, so that we can fully understand your issue and really know what your wishes are. We build custom-made systems and we want them to match your goals.

For this reason, we also visit you during the preliminary phase, so that we can see with our own eyes what the problem is. Based on this, and your story, we know which innovative solution will fit best. Thanks to our experience, we can always provide tailor-made advice, taking into account the costs and the future of your company. We often have the opportunity to estimate the feasibility of a project by performing tests with your products.

Step 2. Thinking, designing and building

During this phase, our team devises and builds a suitable system for your business process. We keep your wishes and goals in mind. The engineering is done entirely in-house and we do it in 3D. We carry out this in our construction workshop in Oldebroek.

Step 3. Test and install

Once we have built your system, we will test it extensively. We can also do this in our own construction workshop in Oldebroek. We will always invite you to the test day of the system, so that you can immediately see what it will bring to your company. If certain components are not to your satisfactory, we can respond to this before we install the system at your location.

Step 4. Service and aftercare

The last step, after testing and installing the vacuum system, is most important to us. That is the service and aftercare. We always aim for long-term relationships with our customers and are only satisfied when they are. Our customers therefore stay with us for years because we think along with them in solutions with our proactive approach and thus unburden our customers throughout the entire process.

We have been offering service for years and have a service workshop in Utrecht. We also carry out maintenance work and have a 24/7 emergency service. We almost always have a suitable emergency solution in the form of loaner machines (vacuum pumps) and spare parts.

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