People in the meat processing industry work with raw and processed meat. During the processing of meat, residual products are released. Additionally, these products must also be packaged and transported internally. In this industry, the demand for central vacuum systems to be used for vacuum packaging, as well as the demand for vacuum transportation systems to transport residual and/or end products, is extremely high. Therefore, IVS offers innovative vacuum packaging solutions to be used during all stages of meat processing.

Solutions for the meat processing industry

IVS is specialized in building vacuum systems. Due to our brand-independent position, we are always able to use the right pump technology, regardless of the manufacturer. We offer vacuum systems for a wide range of applications, such as transporting or packaging products. For the meat processing industry, this usually means residual and end products like vacuum-packed meats and cold cuts, but also the vacuum transport of chicken-parts, fish (end products and cutting parts), vegetables, fruits, and so on. Our solutions are ready-made and tailored to our customers’ specific needs and situations.

Vacuum transport

IVS offers vacuum packaging solutions to be used for the internal transport of residual and end products. We closely work together with our customers to select the pump technique that fits the application best. This is because vacuum transport depends on a multitude of different facets. Examples of these are the volume flow and the permissible product speed.

We often see companies use pneumatic transport, that leads to valuable air being used as a product carrier. We do not make use of this method, because there are more benefits to using vacuum transport. Vacuum transport is more efficient and can lead to significant cost savings, due to a reduction of energy used and maintaining costs. With vacuum transport, we are not only able to transport residual products, but also end products that are still to be consumed.

For the meat processing industry, we use high-quality stainless steel and FDA-approved materials. We also use a distinctive separator technology, as we design our separators in a product-specific manner. Because of this, an emergency-cyclone is often unnecessary. If needed, we can provide our installations with CIP (automatic cleaning with a water and soap solution).

Central vacuum systems

Besides the transport of products, we also offer solutions when it comes to vacuum packaging. With vacuum packaging, you will extend the shelf life of your products. Our central vacuum systems will make sure your packaging machines function properly. If you already have stand-alone systems, we can still help you out by optimizing your use of these machines and making sure these function in the most efficient way possible. This a an energetic way of operating that has low maintenance costs.

We also offer advanced operating systems. Our operating systems are connected to the internet so that we can help you out immediately without having to travel to your company first. This way, your business will be up and running again as soon as possible.

These vacuum packaging solutions for the meat processing industry will lead to a cleaner working environment and a higher efficiency of your business processes. Heat input, noise production and oil emissions will all be centralized and moved away from your product department.

Working method & services

Our distinctive solutions can be used in many different industries and for various applications. We use innovative vacuum techniques in areas such as transport, cooling, venting and gassing. Do you have a question regarding vacuums? We are poised to answer any question you may have and to discuss the possibilities for your company. Our team is looking forward to getting in touch with you!