In the fish processing industry, residual products are released during the processing of fish and seafood. These products must be transported from one place to another in the factory. We often receive questions regarding the vacuum transport of either waste or end products. We also have been seeing an increased interest in central vacuum systems. The specialized team working at IVS can provide you with the best possible solutions for all your issues regarding vacuum systems.

Fish processing industry solutions

Because we build our own vacuum systems, we are able to operate completely independent when it comes to selecting the best solution to your problems. Our vacuum techniques can be applied in several ways, such as transporting fish waste. Additionally, we offer central vacuum systems that make it possible for heath and oil emissions to take place centrally in your company, instead of in a conditioned product department. This means that this does not have to take place in a conditioned product department anymore, which will benefit your product line.

Vacuum transport

IVS offers the best vacuum packaging solutions for the internal transport of residual and end products within your fish processing factory. Selecting the right pump technique is of great importance. Correctly packaging and transporting vacuum products depends on a number of things, such as pumping speed, but also the size of the product.

Because of the costs, manual transport is often avoided in the fish processing industry. This is why we use vacuum transport: it is more efficient. Furthermore, because of the reduction of energy consumption, it can lead to a significant cost reduction. Reducing labour and use of space is also a result of integrating our systems. Our systems can be used for the vacuum transport of residual products and end products.

For the fish processing industry, we use high quality stainless steel and FDA approved materials. Because we design and develop our separators in a product specific manner, we are able to use high-quality separator techniques. This way, the emergency cyclone can often be eliminated. Upon request, we can provide our systems with CIP (automatic cleaning with a water and soap solution).

Central vacuum systems

We often hear people talk about the wish to centralize pumps in the machine room instead of having stand-alone pumps in their production department. A central vacuum system is the ideal solution for this. With our vacuum system, your packaging machines will function in the best way possible. We connect separate systems to each other with a multi-stage piping system. This leads to a reduction of power consumption and maintenance costs, which means it is an energetic solution for the fish processing industry.

If you are already using stand-alone systems in you fish processing factory, we can optimize or expand them. We will determine the most efficient way to organize your business, and supply you with a new operating system. This way, we can provide you with the best service. Your systems will be linked to our operating systems via internet connection in a safe manner. This means that we can immediately respond to any occurring problem and solve it as soon as possible. Due to the fast response time, your business can continue operating shortly.

These vacuum packaging solutions for the fish processing industry ensure a clean working environment and an increase in efficiency. This is because you have eliminated the heat input, noise production and oil emissions from your production department.

Working method & services

Our distinctive solutions can be used in many different industries and for various applications. We use innovative vacuum techniques in areas such as transport, cooling, venting and gassing. Do you have a question regarding vacuums? We are poised to answer any question you may have and to discuss the possibilities for your company. Our team is looking forward to getting in touch with you!