Big bags vacuum packaging and gassing

To extend the shelf life of products, people often ask us questions about the gassing and vacuum packaging of big bags. IVS offers innovative solutions for this.

IVS builds systems that can close filled big bags by sealing them, thus making them airtight. We can then vacuum the big bags by connecting an adapter to them that fills them with gas. Our systems achieve low residual oxygen percentages, which leads to an increase in the shelf life of packaged products. Our systems can be used simultaneously and in various positions, making it possible for multiple big bags to be packed and gassed at the same time. Because our systems are engineered to fit our customers needs, we can keep the technology and pumps away from the high-risk production department.

The correct way to gas depends on several things. Examples are: space requirements, system capacity, and the required percentage of residual oxygen. IVS is happy to help you make the right choices.